Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 17, 2016

Beacon Park Golf Course Update

Remember the old driving range when it looked like this drivescan5-001? Needing an update from WLBC Leisure Services of the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill debacle, see photographs below taken today [click to enlarge]  driveheap17122 because the reasons for the landfill were lost in the rush for filthy lucre, I mentioned to them their own words “Phase 2 of the development (the remodelling of the existing golf range into a cycling facility with funds from British Cycling and Sport England) driveheap17128. This is likely to start in September 2015 and be completed for summer 2016” and “Phase 3 of the development (formation of a 9Hole short course) has commenced with mounding and ridges being formed with inert infill and soil driveheap17127. It is expected that the infill and profiling work will be completed by Sept 2015”.

As time passed, cycling funded by an organisation that would audit the work and the accounts was no more. It became Foot Golf  driveheap171210 which apparently had no standards for public accounting beyond hiding behind “Commercial in Confidence” and no end date for completion other than when the golf range was filled to capacity and the filthy lucre ceased its bounty.

The reply provided to WLBC via the West Lancashire Community Leisure Trust and passed to me is that “In regards to the area previously used as a driving range, the delivery of inert landfill has now ceased in this area and the “shaper” driveheap17129 is liaising with the greens team in order to shape the Foot Golf course in the most appropriate manner. This will commence after the Christmas break, dependent upon weather, and is expected to be complete in the New Year and should be seeded in March 2017. The operator will have to allow the area to grow and mature for one full season before it can be considered as a usable area. In respect of Foot Golf the Trust has engaged with UK Foot Golf and has worked closely with them to produce an appropriate area for this new facility” img_0032.

Well, the operator, ie the land-fillers being Serco contracted by West Lancashire Leisure Trust and subcontracting to Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd and Neil Langton Associates, have almost certainly to find an approving health and safety organisation to certify the course, (and also the 9 hole heap as well). Because without it this site will always be known as Wally’s Folly, he being the portfolio holder when it began its decline to what it is today.

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