Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 16, 2016

Moon Heavy Loser In Visiter Poll

As any searches of the South Ribble and the West Lancashire Conservative websites show, there is no mention of Paul Moon as a councillor for Hesketh-with-Becconsall. The only official places he’s mentioned are on the Wyre Borough Council and the West Lancashire Borough Council councillor lists, which are the likely cause of his invisibility. News of his attempt to be elected in Broadfield ward in South Ribble at the 2015 elections while declaring his home to be at 10 Matterdale Road in Leyland and already sitting in Wyre shocked readers.

Following the latest round of sparring with Our West Lancashire Cllr Adrian Owens, reported in the Visiter, a poll by the newspaper reveals very poor support for councillors to be allowed to sit on two Borough Councils, as shown here; Should Councillors be allowed to sit on two Borough Councils?

YES – as long as they are effective…15% moon5

NO – they will not be able to split their time equally…85%



  1. Good to see that common sense prevails with the poll results where its now 88% against the position Moon is trying to maintain. This guy though seems completely shameless, happy to continue to sup at the taxpayers expense. Tories would be well rid of him.

    • 88% is remarkable given the documentation in the public domain is clearly being noted and acted on. Pity it isn’t a “recall” poll, but a good reason to have one. Let him be judged by those he judges should pay him twice the council tax for part time representation. The Tories might regain some self respect if they did get rid of him?

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