Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 14, 2016

The Aughton Resident By Email Is Back

As this copy shows aughtresletter-001 [click to read] the Aughton resident by email is back in the “Champion Letters to the Editor” positively squealing about how taxpayers money is spent.

And yet again it seems the writer refers to the council “delaying building on their own site in Aughton” and yet again we ask which land in Aughton is a council site? The land in question, Parrs Lane, is owned as we have already reported by three residents of Southport. Had they not sold the options to developers there would be no question of planning applications to build houses on it. It would by definition, that of agricultural land, continue to grow food for our residents parrslanecarrots a matter not referred to by Aughton resident by email. On this occasion the writer made a “simple phone call to our local councillor” to find it’s actually true. Well done to one of Westley D, Westley M, Currie S, O’Toole D, and Bailey S, not all necessarily resident locally, for confirming the simple fact of a legal challenge taking place at council taxpayers’ expense, and who at one time or another probably approved legal challenges at council taxpayers’ expense!

As for the rest of today’s diatribe, electricity for the Christmas tree at the parish church, the green bin policy, high house prices, stagnation of Aughton since the 80s, housing monstrosities, the writer has ventilated personal moans. Complaining about never having been consulted by the Residents Group who pose as representing all the Aughton dwellers is sheer bullshit. The Aughton Residents Group 2012 campagns. It does what it does with massive voluntary support such as when it petitioned residents about the Local Plan proposals but it is NOT a consultancy.

But if Aughton resident by email wants to do what is quoted “We, on the other hand, like a great deal of our friends and neighbours want to see our community grow and provide services and housing for our children and grandchildren” let’s all wait for the creation of an “Aughton resident by email Group 2016” as a pressure group that wants these 450 houses on land in an area that is short of any extra infrastructure to support them, just more local flooding, insufficient schooling, insufficient medical services, insufficient transport services, affordable homes?

And as for the line that “We urge the council to stop this folly and spend the taxpayers’ money on the things we actually want” this writer could almost be writing the forthcoming county election manifesto of a local candidate who creates nothing but objects to everything.


  1. Wonder if he wouldn’t object if someone wanted to concrete over his vegetable patch in his garden or would he object and go to court over it?

    • It’s a case of selling the vegetable patch to someone who then concreted it over, against selling the option on the vegetable patch for it to be concreted over without any permission to do so?

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