Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 14, 2016

Aughton Parish Council Meeting

Apart from the Redrow decision that parish councillors seemed not to have read in detail, or even known about, there was little to stir the eleven members of the public from their passive mode on Monday evening. There were six councillors and the Clerk. The Chairman apologised for his absence, being indisposed.

What DID cause some interest was yet another incident of flooding on Town Green Lane townflood down beyond the Brasserie and the Surgery, serious enough to cause young children to have to walk through it and have wet feet in school. Mrs Roberts the Clerk had herself helped to carry some children and had then tried to clear sodden leaves away from grids. Having reported it to LCC a clean sweep of the area took place soon after. Oddly enough the council owns no trees in the affected areas so we might ask why owners hadn’t cleaned them up, including, as an outraged Cllr Jones said, those who use a blower to clear them off their property onto the road! Well serve them right if their homes eventually flood!

Crime figures were down, 11 reported in the month, including the usual burglaries at dwellings, criminal damage, damage to a hairdressers, taking a vehicle, and 4 domestics with injuries…Who said life in Aughton is so gentile?


  1. The only thing in Aughton that needs a ‘clean sweep’ is that pathetic Parish Council.

    • Still living under the clouds of the “Tory party at prayer” in Aughton, and despite independents being elected it’s run by Tory Aldermen.

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