Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 13, 2016

Proposing A Motion

Tonight at the Aughton Parish Council apc, what with the first battle in the war against Redrow building on Parrs Lane just won, I thought I would be justified in asking the Acting Chairman Cllr Panto Jones that “I doubt if the APC standing orders allow for motions from the floor, by the public, but I feel confident in asking you to propose one, and seek a seconder and vote “that the Aughton Parish Council congratulates the Aughton Residents Group 2012 for its persistence, perseverance, and hard work in representing the views of Aughton residents in their opposition to the Redrow appeal relating to the outline planning permission at Parrs Lane, and welcomes the decision by HM Planning Inspectorate to dismiss the appeal”.

Of course, just as I thought, there was a pursing of lips from some of the just six councillors attending, although one has lips that are always pursed westuna! My suggestion was quickly side-lined until later in the meeting, no rush to agree. Hmm, I thought, this would not be welcome from a council that had a history of using one word in a message about the Local Plan, that being “support”! And true to form, the suggestion was watered down to offering congratulations to everyone, parish and borough councillors, officers, and of course the ARGs. But the method in my madness was that it must be minuted…won’t it?

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