Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 13, 2016

Facilities Claimed For Beacon Park Golf Centre

Some quite bizarre claims are being made of facilities available at the Beacon Park Golf Centre despite the desecration caused there by the thousands of tonnes of landfill dumped on the side of the course and on the driving range. All the claims shown pictorially below were being made today, and as the saying goes, what can’t speak can’t lie! We start with the FAQ beaconlies1-001 click to read. It asks “Is the centre suitable for access by disabled people” the answer “Yes there is full disabled access to the clubhouse and the driving range” but this  beacon19-006 is the real access to the driving range. We move on to About Us beaconlies2-001 click to read. It states “The Driving Range at Beacon Park Golf Centre is the only under cover floodlit range in the local area. Why not come along and practice your swing in one of the 22 bays”. This is the latest picture a few days ago beacon312-004 of where the driving bays where before demolition. We move on to “Welcome to Beacon Park Golf” beconlies3-001 click to read about “swimming lessons, aqua classes, health and fitness in our gym” which do not exist at Beacon Park Golf. And finally we come to Classes and Activities beaconlies4-001 at the Beacon Park Golf Centre in which, you can read, it states that the “Golf Centre is suitable for children to learn the sport of golf”. Not on here 022 we hope? It mentions the Junior Activities with Junior Golf Camps that allow each child to develop their skills before taking part in a final 18 hole round of golf to win the Camp Trophy. We can continue to hope the Leisure Services of the WLBC will very soon face an audit that must provide reasons for why these false claims are made and the destination of every penny of the landfill income.

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