Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 11, 2016

Skelmersdale Affordable Homes

Common sense from “AD” to the Champion letters, shown here skemhomes-001 [click to read]

“Aughton is not meant to be “affordable”, it’s affluent and houses are priced accordingly. And if anywhere should be given more homes it is surely Skelmersdale?” Councillors at the WLBC Planning Committee on Thursday referred to there being a need to help 1,000 people in the borough wanting homes. And discussion centred on reserved matters for the 202 homes at Ashurst. The Planning department had received a 30 signature petition from residents of Kestrel Mews, some of them attending and speaking about the existing problems, objecting to the development on grounds of increased flooding, loss of wildlife and agricultural field, inadequate consideration of coal mining issues, increased traffic, increased noise and pollution, two storey houses too high, increase in number of dwellings from 177 in outline permission to 202, loss of privacy, impact on local service (NHS, police, schools), poor public transport, lack of jobs in the area, shouldn’t be a link through to protected land.

But AD suggests more people in Skem can only be a good thing, including customers for the Concourse, more users of the proposed new rail line, and more council tax being paid. As for the impact on local services, they are repeated right across the borough.

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