Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 10, 2016

Taking The Michael Out Of Councillors?

I dare say you’ve heard of Michael Crick? crick He does C4 news, using what you might describe as a prickly approach to those politicians he interviews. He’s referred to by LCC candidate Cllr Paul Greenall, quoting Crick “In 35 years covering elections I’ve never seen such dreadful Con, Lab & Lib cands as in Sleaford & N Hykeham. Barely councillor material”.

Now hang on, we’ve got councillors who are barely councillor material, right here in West Lancashire. We’ve got a few of them in Aughton/Aughton Park to name just five, dropped in as unproven newbies or by nepotism! We’ve got one in Hesketh-with-Becconsall, to name another, now famous for his two part-time memberships and with two full time allowances. We can but wonder what Crick might make of the dog imitation-turd thrower who wore his underpants on his head in his other job council meeting in Wyre moon-underpants?

Yesterday Labour won a council by-election in Lancaster, University and Scotsforth Rural with less than 2.5% support of the electorate. 281 hardy souls turned out and Labour won with 98 votes on a 7.1 turnout of 3,959 voters, a good result! But wait for this…someone said well done to Pippa Hepworth as her Lib Dem vote was up 4.4%, she got 36 votes! Well, her leader is Dim Farron!

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