Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 10, 2016

Just What IS Happening To Our NHS Walk-In Centres?

Are we watching the thin end of the wedge as yet another essential NHS service is being curtailed by staff sickness and vacant posts? The Champion prints a story to worry many residents hours-001 [click to read]. When the interim chief executive of our NHS Trust refers to a “severe shortage of appropriate clinical staff” just how bad is it? Bad enough to reduce the opening hours so that even the very small number of patients who use the late evening services can’t use them at all? OWL Cllr Owens has raised the matter, instantly recognising the harm that can occur to residents. He wants assurances the reduced opening times is only temporary. His OWL owllogo  local survey indicates 50% of local residents have made use of the facility due to lack of opportunity to have a convenient GP appointment.

It’s ironic that the Trust suggests anyone who “THINKS” they need medical help outside the walk-in centre opening hours should examine their options. This decision is taking away the best option for people who KNOW they need medical help. Isn’t this what we all fear, a gradual erosion of the NHS?

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