Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 3, 2016

What Don’t Council Tax Payers Know About The Beacon Park Golf Landfill?

They don’t know a completion date for the new 9Hole Course. [Click every pic to enlarge]013

They don’t know a completion date for the new Foot Golf facility. beacon312-004

They don’t know when the golf range landfill will be filled to capacity which might be never as the height might be infinity. beacon312-007

They don’t know the planning permissions as agreed by a decision of Council that made them the secret in-house responsibility of Leisure Services and Serco. beacon312-010

They don’t know if the new 9Hole Course will receive a safety certificate. beacon19-003

They don’t know if playing FootGolf 80 feet high will receive a safety certificate. beacon312-011

They don’t know when new topsoil will arrive for re-seeding of the 9Hole course and for the Footgolf course. beacon312-012

They don’t know if the operator has complied with planning and company financial accounting for taxes such as VAT and corporation tax on income from landfill. beacon312-013

They don’t know if the operator complied with transport conditions of load weights and daily deliveries. beacon312-005

They don’t know when the 9Hole Course will be up-graded from the “appalling mess” it is, a description of it as expressed by Serco’s Mr Snaylam after the last Leisure Trust Annual Meeting? beacon19-002

They don’t know if the playing of Footgolf at what should be a level recognisable by the UK Footgolf Association will meet their standards. beaconclay15

They don’t know what happened to the royalties that were discovered to be in the wrong company accounts, ie in the Serco accounts. sercolife

They don’t know if and when there will be an investigation into the Leisure Trust accounting as a company limited by guarantee and its articles. beaconcircle

They don’t know what is the absolute completion date of all development at Beacon Park Golf Course if it is not determined by how much more landfill will be delivered. beacon312-006 But it IS time council tax payers DID know!


  1. Someone needs to be held account for this waste of public money and filling the coffers of?????

    • Filling pockets, that’s what it is…”The royalties for the materials being brought to site and currently used to re-profile an area of the golf course for a new 9 hole par 3 course are paid to West Lancashire Community Leisure. Details of the royalties and payments are commercially confidential…West Lancashire Community Leisure agreed in January 2013 to take on the responsibility for the Beacon Golf Course and agreed a business plan with Serco Leisure Operating Limited, this provided for a surplus to be made after a period of service review and redevelopment. The surplus provision allows for one third shares, one third to the Borough Council, one third to West Lancashire Community Leisure and one third to Serco Leisure Operating Limited. It is not expected that any surplus will be made until 2017/18″. That’s a joke, and the real landfill money estimated at over £2million is being shared with Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd, a private company. The only loser is and has been the West Lancashire council tax payer.

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