Posted by: westlancashirerecord | December 1, 2016

Angry Resident Of Aughton

Our anonymous angry resident of Aughton (AARA) is back in the Champion letters. This time its all about the council now wasting our money on a costly legal challenge to attempt to delay “one of their own sites” being built on, which AARA claims to know well. Don’t we all! angryofaughton-001 [click to read]

It may come as a surprise to AARA that the site referred to, on the north west side of Parrs Lane, is not a council site. It actually belongs, for now, to Catherine Ingrid Hesketh, Hugh William Inge-Innes-Lillingston, and Henry Channon, all care of Meols Hall, Botanic Road, Southport.

AARA describes how the council went through a lengthy and costly process of identifying land for development, ie the Local Plan. It was indeed lengthy and costly, so much so that it still got it all wrong, at least in respect of what old Wally Westley described asWill withstand any developer challenge” west-lancs-plan-front-cover-image. The costs will hopefully defend not just Parrs Lane but the entire West Lancashire green belt against chancer developers descending like a plague of locusts all over the borough.

AARA states that Aughton is presently “strangulated for extra homes”, particularly affordable slightly cheaper homes to allow our children to get on the property ladder and, a touch of developer genius inasmuch as the developer will deliver funding for a much needed new and extended bus route for the area to reinstate the one we tragically lost recently. Well, AARA, just for clarity, the bus route is still there, it’s the buses that were lost. Does this developer intend to become a licenced bus operator? Hardly, it was a bus subsidy. How long does AARA think that will last?


AARA also claims an assumption that “this is a thinly veiled attempt to make us residents fund the council’s stupid idea to effectively fight themselves in delaying one of their own, inevitable sites [which it is not, see above] a site that will actually bring much needed resources and revenue into the area and bolster the “dying on its feet” town centre of Ormskirk”. The “site” already does that by being farmed for food, the new residents will no doubt drive their SUVs to out of town shopping centres, and there are no plans to improve the infrastructure such as roads, sewers, schools, etc. What’s possibly going to be spent by developers in Aughton won’t stop more shop closures in Ormskirk, nor will too many new residents be spending time and money in the growth industry, student bars in the town, will they?


  1. Well said. The reason for the judicial review is to protect a democratic decision made by elected borough councillors, and to stop developers deciding the places where they want to build and make most profit. Arable land and democracy are worth fighting for otherwise it will just become a fre for all. I will not hide behind anonymity Colin Draper

    • Yes, but we do wish the elected councillors in power then had done two things differently. They didn’t allow discussion of the Altys Lane Option, and they then didn’t want to develop Skelmersdale because developers wouldn’t make big profits on land of their choice.

  2. For every 4 and 5 bed luxury home built in the more affluent areas of West Lancs means 1 less is being built in Skelmersdale, a town within West Lancs which needs regeneration and investment. When developers muscle in trying to bypass the system they need a shot across their bow. As for Mr AARA does he genuinely believe developers hoping to build on Parrs lane would deliver affordable housing? Please don’t be so short sighted!

    • That’s right. When that idiot Westley admitted he didn’t know about the dreadful retail situation in Skelmersdale it showed his ignorance of places other than where he and his party were safely elected, 5 of them in Aughton. I suppose one day we will all learn what is an affordable house according to developers?

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