Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 19, 2016

Early Floods

While West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper has welcomed progress made by the Environment Agency supported by Ormskirk residents in developing an early warning system for potential flooding in Ormskirk, giving residents time to prepare and protect their homes, the problem is spreading around the borough. See pictures in Winifred Lane/Granville Park Aughton today that might cause apoplexy from local Cllr O’Toole. Floods this early perhaps are an indication that the local situation can only worsen as it seems not one grid on Winifred Lane is clear of road and leaf debris.  apples-003 apples-005 We also see the usual serious flooding at the Aughton Surgery apples-013 which thankfully is not open today!

The new system will see Hurlston/Sandy Brook in Ormskirk monitored. Rain gauges around Ormskirk will monitor rainfall. This will enable the EA to set rainfall alerts. They are also aiming to have monitoring of the brook located on Dyers Lane. Again there will be alerts based on the level of the brook.

Using the monitoring information will enable the EA to develop flood forecasts to provide more accurate and timely warnings. The warnings will also give an indication of possible surface water flooding. The new system will provide greater coverage across Ormskirk and not just be restricted to areas affected by river flooding. Commenting on the new warning system, West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper said “This is a very welcome development in improving how the emergency response to flood threats gives residents a chance to prepare.

“It is an example of how agencies and communities can and should be working together. Many Ormskirk residents’ homes have been hit by floods on a number of occasions. Improving the warning systems for all residents is one of the ways agencies need to get smarter to better protect local communities.”

Residents will be able to sign up to receive warnings by phone call, text and email. the Environment Agency has informed Rosie that they expect to have the full flood warning system in place from late February 2017.

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