Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 16, 2016

OWL Talking Point

Our West Lancashire has produced the Autumn/Winter Talking Point leaflet owl1-001 owl2-001 [click to enlarge] Claiming to be a new force in local politics, they refer to the effects of some policies like the green bin charge that will hit elderly and disabled people who are less likely to be able to drive to the tip with green waste. Being a flat fee across the board it takes no account of ability to pay.

One thing is clear, this leaflet is as professional as any “Intouch” from Tory candidates you might receive. And you will see reference to the independence of OWL representatives rather than the whipping that forces others to toe the party line. As we see bigger increases in council tax, less services, and new charges for some essential services, OWLs will play on the across the board effects that hit pensioners now being threatened with the end of the state pension triple lock and electricity charges reputed to be increasing by 10% early in 2017. It’s fertile ground for OWLs. Time will tell if they reap the dividends of independence.

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