Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 14, 2016

Crime In Aughton

Last month the 8 crimes committed in Aughton were on the low side, but tonight at the Aughton Parish Council (APC) a report that 21 crimes were committed since then was a shock to those who attended the meeting. And all the more interesting as one of the crimes reported was an indecent exposure! Sadly for some of those attending the APC the parts exposed were not disclosed!

The meeting was graced by the sudden appearance of Borough Councillor Paul Greenall . Strange, we thought, that on a night when Wally Westley and his other Aughton Borough Councillors completed a 0 from 5 attendance record, the Tory party was represented only by a Derby ward councillor paulcoat [excluding those on the APC of course]. Perhaps all will be revealed and even the private parts revealed if the Parish Clerk will tell us?

Offences included the usual criminal damage, thefts from vehicles, burglaries, harassments, a bogus call, theft by burglary of a bike, some domestic offences, criminal damage at a local garden centre, and of course that indecent exposure. We have yet to learn what the effect of that offence has had on the witness to it!

It was reported that an outstanding arrest occurred while a Police Officer attending the Remembrance Service at the Aughton Cenotaph in Granville Park was called to the nearby local Spar shop and with Poppy Wreath in hand arrested two thieves. If only other crimes would occur in such close proximity to Police Officers!

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