Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 12, 2016

What Are You Doing Here?

Or even, what is HE doing here, a question we residents of Aughton ask ourselves when Wally Westley arrives at the Aughton Parish Council meetings. Will he call us door to door liars, as he did on 9 December 2013? Or will he eventually libel someone?

But when Roger Blaxall of the excellent Qlocal website was recently asked by Wally “What are you doing here?” the sourness that surrounds him became obvious. After all, isn’t Coronation Park a publicly owned park? Has Wally taken upon himself the duties of a Park Ranger? No, that’s probably too far up his pay grade!

Roger Blaxall goes on to relate how adept local politicians are by using the local press to best effect where and when they need to, “media management” he calls it. So why WAS Roger there? Because Lavinia Crookham, a former member of the Comrades along with her husband Tom, and Ray Bold, thought he should be. “Why haven’t you invited the local papers?” asked Lavinia of Wally, clearly not impressed with the event’s organisation by Comrades trustee Wally. The grubby note is shown here with permission of Roger Blaxallwwords [click to enlarge].

As Roger also pointed out, the handing out of monies from the sale of the Comrades Club site had the makings of a great local story. And as he stated “Now, let’s make it clear straight away that this is no hint of impropriety by any of the parties involved – Lavinia was miffed though by how the cheque presentation was organised – fortunately, she had the good sense to invite QLocal along for these exclusive photos…”

Cue the “What are you doing here?” from Wally as Roger arrived. “After due explanations, the cheque presentations went ahead and afterwards, Lavinia e-mailed the QLocal news desk, saying I am so pleased that you came to record the presentation today. The Comrades Club meant a lot to the people of Ormskirk and many wondered what was happening to the proceeds as it’s nearly eight years since its closure and no information was forthcoming. It is my opinion that David Westley wwords5 [another pic from Roger Blaxall, click to enlarge] could have made public what was happening regarding the sale and the proceeds and also given people the opportunity to attend today. Over the years I have made enquiries and began to think this day would never come. I am pleased that the charities will now finally get the much needed donations. I will await the promised statement that will provide details of the final distribution as he has promised he will send me a copy once it has been approved by all the parties. I will let you know if and when it arrives”.

So why did this handwritten grubby note form the basis of what Ormskirk should know about the Comrades Club legacy? It shows the legatees as the Royal British Legion liveon, the SSAFA Armed Forces Charity ssafa, and the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, seen here in Ormskirk lancsinorm2. Perhaps the Comrades Club event was to become the exclusive right of Wally the politician rather than for the people who really matter, especially at this time of Remembrance? Might it be just in time for an election leaflet for the Ormskirk LCC election coming up soon? Read the full story here


  1. A grubby note and a grubby ignoramous. The charities had to wait a good while for the cheque though.

    • It’s been a grubby affair for a long time. Who on earth lets politicians become trustees of such as the Comrades Club?

  2. The amount of £430,000 seems remarkably small given the size of the site and the lucrative deal with McCarthy and Stone.

    • Yes, but luckily it is a registered charity whose accounts should be available. Have any payments already been made and this is the residual balance?

      • I’m sure you are on the trail at the Charity Commission, Sherlock!

      • It’s elementary, I assure you!

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