Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 11, 2016

Anonymous Aughton Resident Missing From Champion Letters This Week

Perhaps our anonymous Aughton resident has realised that facts matter rather more than opinions in respect of the fracking industry that will be forced upon West Lancashire any time soon, as licence PEDL164 indicates? Perhaps locals were beginning to suspect who our anonymous Aughton resident might be?

But might it be far better to read and digest the letters to the Champion from people who sign and have published their views about the recent oil and gas regulators drop-in event? Those from residents such as Mrs Mel Tarplee and Brian Mills, both of Halsall, contain facts. They are copied here in full, click to read frack9-001 frackmills-001. Without repeating them I merely reflect on the ignorance shown to Mrs Tarplee by a representative from the Environment Agency (EA) who did not know West Lancashire was Grade 1 agricultural land or that it has a big flooding problem.

Mrs Tarplee also obtained an admission there was no experience of monitoring a fracking site, and what monitoring that might take place would be undertaken from the nearest EA office from data supplied periodically by the fracking contractors. The hazards relating to well casings, water waste, solids waste, hazardous tanker and lorry loads, are all mentioned by Mrs Tarplee.

And from Brian Mills comes the voice of 40 years of working in the offshore oil and gas industry worldwide where he has seen many wellheads with oil and gas leaking from the surrounding seabed. Do we want to experience leaking wellheads in West Lancashire? And do we want to see contamination of our farmlands so food is rejected by our retailers?

There is a rally no being held tomorrow. “Frack Free Lancashire is holding a massive, family-friendly, NATIONAL anti-fracking rally on the 12th November in Manchester. The United Against Fracking rally is supported by the TUC, and will consist of a march, guest speakers, music and much more, with more details to follow. We need to show the government and the oil and gas industry just how strong the opposition is against fracking. Groups from all over the country, including Scotland, Wales and Ireland, shall be joining the rally. The rally will start at 11am (Piccadilly Gardens) and finish at 5pm (Manchester Cathedral Gardens)”.

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