Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 10, 2016

No New Pedestrian Crossing For Aughton Street

Lancashire County Council has decided not to go ahead with a pedestrian crossing which had been planned for Aughton Street, Ormskirk. A crossing had been proposed between the junctions with Park Road and Bridge Street to improve pedestrian movements and make it easier to access shops and services in the area. The proposal was based on initial analysis which had shown a record of injury incidents, and that pedestrians were finding it difficult to cross the road.

An early informal consultation with residents and businesses indicated some support for a scheme, with a balance of positive and negative responses being received, and changes were made to improve the design. However, formal consultation on what had been proposed as a final design resulted in a number of strong objections being received from local residents, businesses, and councillors focused on the loss of car parking spaces that would be removed to accommodate the new crossing.

Following this the county council carried out further investigations and found that the accident record did not strongly support a crossing at this location, as one injury had occurred some distance away from the proposed crossing point, and others had occurred when vehicles turned off Aughton Street onto side roads.

County Councillor John Fillis fillis cabinet member for highways and transport, took a formal decision not to proceed with the proposal today Thursday 10 November. He said “We’ve listened to the strong objections to the proposed crossing, and carried out further work to check on the original justification for the scheme. I realise the importance of the on-street car parking spaces, particularly to local businesses, and further investigation has shown that, while the crossing would help people to cross Aughton Street more easily, there’s no strong justification for it on safety grounds.

“I’d like to thank local residents, businesses, and local councillors, for responding to the consultation and helping me to reach the decision not to go ahead with the proposed crossing.”


  1. So…£££ matters more than safety?

    • Public and businesses’ opinions combined for the decision.

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