Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 8, 2016

The UK Annual State Pension Is £6,203

The ‘triple lock’ guaranteeing the elderly an annual state pension increase of at least 2.5 per cent is under threat. A demand for the Government to ditch the valuable pledge in 2020 was launched by MPs on the Work and Pensions Committee over the weekend.

Labour MP Frank Field field led calls by the Work and Pensions Committee for an end to the “triple lock” guarantee. He said it was “unfair and unsustainable” when children were twice as likely as pensioners to be living in poverty. It’s a pity the respective Labour and Conservative governments spent vast £billions on illegal wars while poverty grew and grew!

This is a typical political attack on the most vulnerable people who, in general, have worked hard and paid taxes all their working lives and in many cases still do. Calls from MPs whose own pensions based on salaries now raised to £74,000, and Lords who receive £300 a day just to sign in and leave are despicable. And who pays for the devolved countries to live better than we do? scotland_public_spending

Now, a Petition to “End the triple lock on State Pension increases that is planned until 2020” is being called for. It states “The triple lock on the State Pension means it will increase by 2.5%, inflation or earnings (whichever is highest) each year until 2020. As the UK has voted for Brexit, and a recession is likely, it is not fair that pensioners should be protected when those of working age are not”. sign

Not Brexit again! It hasn’t even happened! Nobody, least of all politicians, know the effects, yet the prices of tea, 20 Unilever products, Microsoft products, Dell computers, even the clothes on our backs, are the targets of the get rich quick corporate greed that pervades our society. The bosses of Britain’s largest public companies earned an average of £5.5m last year, and have enjoyed a 10% pay rise while wages in the rest of the economy lag far behind.  I wonder what they think of a £6,203 annual pension?

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