Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 6, 2016

Following The Party Whips

Under our political system Prime Ministers have to rely on the “Chief Whip” to manage parliament, to quell revolt and to spot talent. The Chief Whip in turn has to employ tact and charm, bullying , and bribery to control the troops. They are also known as the “Patronage Secretary” as MPs know that their prospects, to a significant degree, lie in the hands of the Chief Whip. And we, the electorate, mostly remain in blissful ignorance because the Chief Whip almost never speaks in public and the carrots and sticks, essential to the job, are seldom unveiled to the public. Of course one Chief Whip  andrew-mitchell_whipDID speak in public and wished he hadn’t. Locally the evidence of the group whips system lies in publications like this whips-001 [click to read] and doesn’t the mind boggle at the idea of Cllr Whipp whipping the Liberal Democrats, not to mention some sessions with Cllr O’Toole and Cllr Newman-Thompson. whip-4 I suppose some of them do have minds of their own, it’s just a case of finding them?


  1. These whips receive taxpayers allowances at LCC – a disgrace for political posts.

    • It is a disgrace, and unbelievable, that the Majority Group Whip receives £4,343, the Largest Opposition Group Whip receives £2,985, and the Second Opposition Group Whip receives £1,448. O’Toole received £15,328 for last year including £1,881 for mileage and £126 for subsistence. No wonder he is standing again! And his second hat fees bring him above £20,000!

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