Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 5, 2016

Councillors’ Views On Judges

After a month of social media abstinence Cllr Greenall paullcc tweets “As a Borough Councillor I’m elected and accountable. So what about our senior judges? Who appointed them and who are they accountable to?” I think he means he is elected by the public and accountable to his party whips!

But up pops Cllr Graham Gooch gooch “They were appointed by The Queen on the advice of the Lord Chancellor. They are answerable to the Supreme Court for decisions” says the Conservative County Councillor for South Ribble Rural West and Longton Parish Councillor, who might also be whipped too! Poor old Joe Public, left with no democracy!


  1. I said the other day that he won’t fit in at county hall with his Conservative colleagues and here’s an example.

    • That’s true if you think about it, he will be whipped by O’Toole. With Wally hoping to be elected to save face you can imagine the cold shoulder treatment Greenall will receive.

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