Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 4, 2016

West Lancashire Borough Council Shadow Cabinet

Is there a new Tory star councillor emerging from the dross that permeates the Wally Westley shadow cabinet team?

Step forward “two seats” Councillor Paul Moon, shadow for HRA, Human Resources and Partnerships, elected in May and on his way to stardom flyme? And what does it say about the remaining talent, for want of a better word, in the opposition party? Look no further than below.

Conservative Group Leader and Legal & Member Services, Regeneration and Estates, Councillor D Westley

Deputy Group Leader/Street Scene, Councillor I Ashcroft

Community Services, Councillor P Greenall

Planning, Councillor E Pope

Resources and Transformation, Councillor Whittington

Older People, Councillor M Blake. Good old May seen here in “The Glums” miserygobmayblakeisstillalive, whose most famous contribution to council folk-lore was to utter the immortal words, in 2009 “It is not funded by the taxpayer other than all taxes are drawn ultimately from taxpayers”.


  1. Hasn’t he resigned yet? Presumably promoted because Westley feels he can pull the strings.

    • No, not that we know of, and yes, it seems Wally is pulling all the strings, puppets perhaps?

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