Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 3, 2016

The “Aughton Resident Name & Address Supplied”Is Back

An anonymous “Aughton Resident” is back in Champion “Letters to The editor” to challenge the recent and exceptionally empathetic letter colin1-001 [click pics to enlarge] from Colin Atkinson. “Anonymous Aughton Resident” claims that a “large majority of the local community” is probably not the majority of 8,000 Aughton residents, and doubts that upwards of 6,000 could care less about house building in Aughton or at least not until it’s in their backyard”. But surely, “Anonymous Aughton Resident”, Colin Atkinson was referring to the community local to Parrs Lane where wholesale signings of a petition against the proposed development were obtained? anonaug1-001

“Anonymous Aughton Resident” lives within 1.1miles of Parrs Lane. Aughton is 6.4125 square miles, we need a clue as to the address supplied by Anonymous Aughton Resident who is possibly not a NIMBY like the Aughton Residents’ Group 2012 (ARG2012)! NIMBY used three times in the Anonymous Aughton Resident letter, and by a coincidence! used by “Aughton Resident” in a letter of 9 October too.

“Anonymous Aughton Resident” uses a misleading but interesting question “How can people living on the very land that is planned for housing oppose further housing” which presupposes the greenbelt land in question is built on!! and then adds “This site is already surrounded by housing so won’t increase the footprint of Aughton one inch”. Which would suggest it is infill which it isn’t. But then again it would increase a housing footprint and decrease an agricultural footprint?

But then we reach the crunch. It’s not about greenbelt development, the Local Plan, local democracy or lack of it, localism, or whatever campaigners fight against. It’s the fact of WLBC spending money on an appeal when “Anonymous Aughton Resident” refers to it not being spent on Womens’ Refuge, the closure of vital bus routes, and the maintenance of public highways and grass verges to ensure road and pedestrian safety. Well, bus services are not in the gift of WLBC, LCC is generally liable for highways matters, and perhaps Womens’ Refuge is a charity which has an axe to grind with WLBC. Quite why all that is the fault of ARG 2012 and Colin Atkinson is beyond me.


  1. A very well written article, author. I think that the cries of “NIMBY” are often made by those with a political or financial interest in house building. Who else, in their right mind, would favour building on quality farm land when world population is growing so much?

    • I can’t remember the exact occasion but I believe an Aughton & Downholland councillor used the expression NIMBYs about the campaigners against the Local Plan as it affected Parrs Lane, and of course he also accused us of “telling lies door to door”. So political interest seems to be the obvious reason.

  2. All day long, ‘Aughton Resident’ is a plant.

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