Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 3, 2016

Don’t Let Them Ruin Our Semi-Rural Area

Inaccuracies in claims made in letters to the local press about housing developments are annoying and, often, dangerous. “A little knowledge can often be a dangerous thing”. Such was the case made by Mrs Williams to the Champion recently about “moaners” so that readers might be swayed by her apparent knowledge of the facts, for example, about Yew Tree Farm. But a letter in response puts her right. Her facts were so inaccurate you might swear they were a political ploy. This steve-001 letter explains it all. [click to read]. Surely Mrs Williams didn’t think THIS derelict building ytf1 is Yew Tree Farm? Surely she would think THIS ytf2 IS part of the 152 acres of Yew Tree Farm being farmed? The writer of the above letter refers to “concrete over farmland”. It’s in the Local Plan, and THAT was political, local democracy be damned!

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