Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 2, 2016

Recall Of Councillors?

Recent news from WLR that a sitting Wyre councillor was also now a Conservative member at West Lancashire Borough Council has given more food for thought to a voter recall facility. The double hatter Cllr Moon told Cllr Adrian Owens “When the elections are due in Wyre in 2019 I will assess the situation and the election protocol at that time, however I will be giving my best effort to every resident I represent, wherever they are”.

Moon has already shown himself to be unclear as to his own claims of official attendances by stating “As for meeting attendance the only ones I’ve not attended are for holidays that were booked prior to the election in May”. Yet Cllr Owens found evidence from official sources that Moon had meeting clashes in June and September. [Source Our West Lancashire]

So why should it be Moon’s prerogative to decide what the electorate of Hesketh with Becconsall might want? Is it the lack of transparency “This wasn’t a requirement of the election process” or the “double allowances” dosh Moon now receives that should be considered? Where do car mileage allowances start and finish, Knott End, Preesall or Hesketh with Becconsall?

Voters would be given the power to get rid of bad councillors under new proposals announced by Kingston Council last year. The council announced new recall proposals to make it easier to remove councillors who fail to attend enough meetings, are convicted of a crime, or move out of the borough.

Under the proposals, if a councillor fails to meet a set level of standards, a petition would be launched calling for a by-election.

The Leader of Kingston Council told LocalGov “Most local councillors work incredibly hard on behalf of their constituents. But occasionally the behaviour of local councillors falls below a standard that voters have a right to expect. Under these new recall proposals, voters in Kingston would be able to do something about it; to kick them out of office and have a fresh election”. Kingston is lobbying Government to adopt new legislation to make councillor recall mandatory and is calling on the 150 unitary authorities to follow its lead.

Might we expect West Lancashire Borough Council to agree with Kingston?

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