Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 2, 2016

County Council Update Autumn 2016

Now the silly season is over at Tory Towers we can reveal a copy of the “New Voice at County Hall for Westhead”. Published by none other than Paul Greenall it was completed by someone in the ward who thinks Tory Greenall is not the man to replace Wally Westley. greenall1-001   greenall2-001 Clearly a person who believes in change! Click the pics to read.


  1. Can’t see him getting on well with the dinosaurs and ToryBoys in the Lancashire County Council Conservative group.

    • He’s humiliated Westley and taken his seat. Westley now has to prove himself in Ormskirk. If Westley isn’t elected on Ormskirk and why should he be, perhaps the LCC Tory dinosaurs will give Greenall a hard time? But of course they will need his votes IF he wins West Lancashire East?

  2. What is Cllr Greenall prepared to do regarding the flood issues and the closure of the satellite pumping stations?
    What is his stance on fracking?
    How does he intend to help LCC in receiving further funding from central government rather than accepting the drastic cuts from central government which would keep the libraries open, give us better roads, schools and social services?
    What is Cllr Greenall doing as a borough councillor right now on the above issues?
    We all look forward to his detailed & speedy reply!

    • He might do pretty much the same as Westley has done, nothing. The only plus for Greenall IF he takes the county seat is he will resign his borough seat and not be a two hatter like Westley is. The multiple hatters do like the allowances!

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