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Beacon Park Golf Course Landfill Development

In June and October 2010 Weller Designs Ltd reported about the Beacon Park Golf Course “To the south of the clubhouse, the 1 in 14 slope across the practice range is being reduced to less than 1 in 20, and realigned to fall in a north-westerly rather than westerly direction. Where steeper mounding is being introduced on the lower, western side, the ground surface is being raised by up to 6.5m, but across the outfield as a whole the average increase is just above 2m”. drivescan5-001 [click all pics to enlarge] Did this become a legal planning condition?

In July 2011 in a Planning Statement Matthews & Goodman Incorporating Edmund Kirby development was…to include “Phase 2-The remodelling of the existing driving range to provide perimeter mounding and improved targets. The driving range has a current gradient from left to right. It is proposed that the range is levelled and that target greens are added for interest. An embankment is also proposed adjacent to the woodland area to eliminate the current issue of trespass onto the range”. And “To improve and secure the driving range”. Did this become a planning condition for a change of use to foot golf?

December 2011 2011/0787/FUL planning permission for “Partial remodelling of existing golf course and driving range and creation of new nine hole short course”. In fact the driving range, far from being “partially remodelled” is entirely remodelled and unrecognisable from its original state. 009 Who gave planning permission for it not to be “levelled” but for it to reach the unbelievable heights now created for foot golf?

In a case officer report is stated “Throughout the course of the application Dalton Parish Council raised an issue with regards providing a footpath along Beacon Lane. As the application is made by the lessee of the golf course and not by WLBC, the Council are unable to insist that a footpath be provided as part of this development. But WLBC owned, and still owns, the golf course. Dalton Parish Council (26/9/11) – WLBC assured the Parish Council that should any funding become available consideration would be given to creating a footpath along Beacon Lane. A WLBC officer stated “I have received one letter from the Secretary of the Golf Club making the following comments: Effect of works on golf course? Safety of golf course users? What will be hidden in the infill”?

With regards the comments made by the Secretary of the Golf Club, the proposal seeks to improve the facilities and the standard of the golf course. Health and safety for users of the course will be the responsibility of the lessee and the site foreman. According to a senior leisure services officer NO HSE inspections have ever been undertaken.

The WLBC consultation document dated December 2011 “Findon and Firbeck – “Revival” -The Way Forward? dba Management Consultancy Ltd” findonscan-001 contained the proposals for Firbeck flats demolition. As reported on 17.03.2014 demolition was filmed. Council stated “42 houses are expected to be built on the site of the former Findon and Firbeck flats, which were demolished previously. Keepmoat is the principle contractor which will build the flats and houses to the Council’s specifications. These have been drawn up working with the builders and Arcus who provided technical and architectural services on the project including the demolition of public buildings for re-development”.

Possible phasing could include Phase 1: £2,716,495 (inc provisional £200k for non housing. Demolish two (2) blocks of flats and garages which abut the central “spine” road) and Phase 2: Demolish a further eight (8) blocks of flats on the northern and southern edges of the estate. Phase 2: £272,290.

At the Beacon Park Golf Course an officer reported “Contractors started on site in November 2013. The first sections of topsoil were moved back and deliveries of the inert materials commenced at the end of November 2013. The information regarding number of deliveries is not available.”

Information now available from some local residents indicates the Firbeck demolition rubble came to Beacon Park Golf Course. In that case WLBC not only paid for the demolition of its own housing stock but it also paid a private company to tip its demolition rubble onto WLBC’s own land, Beacon Park Golf Course. Why? That company has created a 9hole heap of rubbish topped by huge swathes of clover 022 that golf can never be played on!


  1. I believe the natives have renamed the driving range to “Mount Golfmore”

    • There are a number of choice names it might have, Himalayas being one, but it should rightfully be named after the portfolio holder who was in post when Serco was given the 15 year leisure rights and what followed, so Wally’sFolly is apt?

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