Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 29, 2016

The Week In West Lancashire

News newsandevents this week was dominated by two disclosures about Hesketh-with-Becconsall ward. First came the story that one of its councillors, Paul Moon, elected in May 2016 already had 13 years service as a member in Wyre Council, and following questions from Our West Lancashire Cllr Owens adrianow he declared he was intending to remain in both wards until at least 2019. His accomplishments there included throwing a “dog poop bag” at a ward pensioner and wearing underpants on his head in the council chamber, surely enough to guarantee his selection by the West Lancashire Conservative Association, as it proved to be! Perhaps the Hogwarts Sorting Hat would select him for Slytherin slytherin?

Second came the news that a member for Hesketh-with-Becconsall was elected as Deputy Leader of the West Lancashire Opposition. Gasps of shock all round, surely not Moon, until it was confirmed this was the other ward member, Iain Ashcroft! Phew!

Elsewhere we were treated to a tedious moralising lecture on what the Leader of the Opposition Wally Westley thought, that “Making efficiency savings is not rocket science and there is no need to reinvent the wheel as there are plenty of examples across local government but they take time to implement”. Wally, more than ever resembling a constipated beetroot walred as he berated Labour, also treated us to news of what newspapers are NOT read in Westley Towers. “I have never bought the S*n” he declared. Perhaps he read a copy left on a seat in a first class compartment of a Virgin Express? After all, he told the press, “free speech is a cornerstone of our democracy” surely with tongue in cheek as he told residents of Aughton they were liars because they spoke to home owners when they campaigned against his support for the Local Plan? It is said that the S*n is more popular in some parts of Aughton than is Wally and who am I to argue with that?

The S*n Motion (Altered Motion) (Recorded Vote)
FOR: Councillors Aldridge, Bullock, Cooper, Cotterill, Davis, Delaney, Devine, Dowling, Mrs C Evans, D Evans, Furey, Gagen, Hennessy, G Hodson, J Hodson, Hudson, McKay, Mills, Moran, Nixon, Owen, Patterson, Pritchard, Pryce-Roberts, Savage, West, Wilkie, Wright, Wynn and Yates (THIRTY)

AGAINST: Councillors Ashcroft, Barron, Cairns, Currie, Greenall, Mee, Moon, O’Toole, Owens, D Westley, Mrs Westley and Whittington (TWELVE)

ABSTENTIONS: Councillors Bailey, Mrs Baybutt, Mrs Blake, Blane, Gordon, Kay, C Marshall and Mrs Marshall (EIGHT)

RESOLVED: That this motion calls on shops in West Lancashire to stop selling the S*n newspaper and condemns it for publishing “blatant lies”. On 15th April 1989 a disaster at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield led, ultimately, to the deaths of 96 innocent fans that had left home that morning to watch a football match. Due to crowd control mis-management those fans, whose ages ranged from 10 to 67 years old, had the life crushed out of them. Contrary to the facts, the S*n published a front page story with the banner headline ‘The Truth’ which contained blatant lies. Many Hillsborough families who were affected by that fateful day reside in West Lancashire.

More big news this week? The victory for Cllr Greenall over Wally Westley for the Tory nomination for the West Lancashire East seat at LCC. Greenall has abstained from tweeting while the issue was ongoing but this decision must weaken whatever leadership authority Wally had at Tory Towers. Being moonstruck was bad enough, what of the future? future_logo_full_col_640x188_0

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