Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 28, 2016

Is Merseyrail Running Trains Or Wellbeing Fruit Stalls?

Merseyrail is the massively public funded company that awarded a 25-year concession in 2003 to Merseytravel, and Serco and Abellio became 50-50 joint venture shareholders of the rail operator. It continually refuses to allow a travel concession to some West Lancashire residents despite it running empty trains in and out of West Lancashire stations. Each passenger journey generates a 41p profit and the company made £16.43million profit last year, up from £15.22million.

Merseyrail was subsidised with £86 million of tax payers’ cash, giving it the highest in the entire country subsidy per passenger kilometer of 12.4p. The company holds cash balances of £16.8millions and stated “The liquidity position is strong”. No surprise there!

And now Merseyrail is giving out free fruit to passengers every Monday merseyrail-logo. The train firm is giving away the healthy treats at Liverpool Central every Monday for the next year. And the same giveaway will be launched at Southport station next month. The fruit is available at the M2Go shops and ticket office on Mondays. merseyfreefruit It’s being given to anyone who buys a ticket, buys anything from the M2Go shop or who shows their travel pass.

Nicky Chang nchang, station manager at Liverpool Central, said “I’m a commuter myself and sometimes getting my five a day is the last thing on my mind on a busy Monday morning. Now our passengers can pick up some free fruit when they buy their ticket or their essentials, so there really is no excuse. Free Fruit Mondays is part of our commitment to supporting the health and wellbeing of our passengers”. No austerity at Merseyrail then, and no equality for West Lancastrians either!

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