Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 28, 2016

Being Hungry “Worse Than Being Without A House”?

As the Parrs Lane Aughton saga splutters along with the Redrow appeal still seemingly bogged down in the Planning Inspectorate, letters to the Champion are still attracting comments. One such letter is published this week. “A Paget of Aughton” tells us “I was one of the people who have helped in the campaign to stop building on Parrs Lane but my reasons are certainly for nothing as trivial as “a view”. My husband and I called on many of the houses on Long Lane, none of which overlook the site or its immediate environs, so for them, too, the view was not a criteria.

“My reason for being against the building of anything on the fields along Parrs Lane is because they are fields! The land in this area of West Lancashire is vital as a source of food backflag and if built on will never be suitable for the production of food. In my opinion I think being hungry has to be worse than being without a house.

“There are of course other reasons for not building in the area, such as a dire lack of enough amenities or infrastructure, but to me food is more important than anything backbritfarm.

“As to raising taxes to cover the costs of infrastructure perhaps the multiple occupancy dwellings could pay or they could be converted back to affordable family dwellings. I have to live in this area which I think is wonderful but the tone of some letters on this subject make me think that some of the residents are not”.

Mr and Mrs Paget were, like all campaigners against the Parrs Lane developments, insulted by the monstrous slur of Cllr Westley that “lies were told door to door”. Ironic that Westley himself makes such accusations while indulging himself in libel? More than two-thirds of the land needed to produce the UK’s food and feed is based abroad meaning 64% of the related greenhouse gases are emitted on foreign soil. The National Farmers Union claims that by the mid-2040s, the country will only be able to produce enough food to feed 53% of its population. Yet still we allow building on land sold by farmers to developers!

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