Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 27, 2016

Granville Park Conservation Area

Councillor John Hodson, portfolio holder for planning, said of the Granville Park Conservation Area consultation “I would encourage people to come to the exhibition conserve1-003 [click all pics to enlarge] and take part in the consultation. While the consultation is open to everyone in the borough we would particularly welcome the views of people living in the Granville Park area”.

Having attended and talked to a WLBC Conservation Officer and then walked through the area again it is blindingly obvious developers are moving in on older property  conserve1-009 and changing the whole character of it. One new property is known as the “factory” conserve1-005 conserve1-007 to locals with its bland white featureless exterior (but it does have the now seemingly mandatory giraffe!) Trees are being dug out and chopped up, making as much land available on plots as possible conserve1-010although an existing home owner there who wants to prune a tree must obtain special permission in a long and sometimes costly process.

Traditional plots in Granville Park including the Victorian Villas will fade away and be replaced by costly carbuncles. Buyers with deep pockets, and greedy developers, a combination we see so often in the borough are the new planning authorities. How sad.

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