Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 27, 2016

Breaking News

wlrbreaking From WLBC. Subject: Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group. Please note the appointment of Councillor Iain Ashcroft as Deputy Leader of the Opposition. ashcroft-001 [click to read]


  1. Wasn’t Beaker the Deputy Leader?

    • He was, apparently the Monday Executive saw him off because if he wins the county seat in May he will give up his Derby ward seat and just be LCC.

  2. Greenall quite right over double hatters. He can’t be “over the Cllr Moon”
    about the councillor in Hesketh Bank.

    • Moon referred in his reply to Cllr Owens of either being a member in two local authorities or of being a borough and a county councillor, not so different. Was that his justification for taking two full annual allowances while performing part time duties in both? Does the Greenall decision of only one seat lead the way for others to follow? No, not for Cllr O’Toole, to name just one!

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