Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 26, 2016

Has The Stench Of A Rotten Culture In Local Politics Reached West Lancashire?

Did the Tory nomination and eventual election of a sitting Wyre councillor reveal the stench of a rotten culture in local politics? Our West Lancashire believes it has. “Meet Local Conservative Councillor Paul Moon paul%20moon-200x249 (or half-moon)” the OWL website says.  

“At the weekend, a blogsite run by an Aughton resident revealed that Cllr Moon, not content with being a councillor on West Lancashire council was also a councillor in Wyre wyrelogo another part of Lancashire altogether!

“We in Our West Lancashire then asked Cllr Moon some questions and carried out our own research.  You can read the full exchange of correspondence and form your own conclusion. But in summary:

“Councillor Moon confirmed he would remain a Wyre councillor (presumably two councillor allowances is quite attractive). [It ought to be, at over £9,000 per annum!]

“He confirmed that he did NOT think that this fact was important enough to mention to West Lancashire residents in Hesketh Bank when he stood for election in May this year.

“He voted FOR a green bin charge in Wyre and AGAINST a green bin charge in West Lancashire!

“He missed a council meeting in Wyre because he was double booked and had to attend at West Lancashire and then, on another occasion, he failed to represent his residents here in West Lancashire because he had to attend a council meeting in Wyre the same evening.

“Cllr Moon is “two timing” his local residents.  He can’t be a “half-moon” councillor for West Lancashire and claim a full allowance.  He has not been open with residents in West Lancashire at the time of May’s elections or since.  He should resign”.  

But who interviewed him and selected him is what residents of West Lancashire need to know. This is the rotten culture that Cllr Owens is on about. What happened at the Tory selection panel? Was Moon imposed on West Lancashire because of the dearth of Tory candidates as they are led into oblivion? The interests of the electorate are sidelined and how can Moon now look a ward constituent in the eye and say “believe me I’m acting in your interests”? What’s even worse is the fact of this being a safe Tory seat. Be nominated and selected, be elected! Yet young aspirant Tory candidates like battle hardened yet still unelected Edward McCarthy, and Thomas Burton, weren’t “safe seat material”.

Cllr Owens knows from inside this party just how rotten it is. He’d been elected Leader of the Conservative Group on the council by the 27-strong group of councillors in a secret ballot – one person, one vote. He then told of how two Conservative councillors wouldn’t accept that decision and immediately set about destabilising the Group.  “Regretfully, they were aided and abetted by the newly elected Deputy Leader, Councillor Westley who had just lost the Leadership Election westleypram. There followed two weeks of scheming and plotting by a few in the Conservative group.  Ultimately the two councillors who refused to accept the democratic decision of the Group chose to refuse to vote with their Conservative colleagues when electing the Leader of the Council”. And tellingly he said “Decisions were taken by a small clique and ward councillors were shut out”. 

Yes, it stinks pongnose, as Cllr Owens also wrote “When they have a Leader who excludes ward councillors from any knowledge of key initiatives in their ward and from meetings involving the largest employers in their ward, then it’s not surprising.  Respect for colleagues is a first step towards respect for electors – something sadly lacking among some in the Conservative party locally”.


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