Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 26, 2016

Has Labour Shown Contempt For Local Residents As They Impose A Green Bin Charge?

Speaking after the Labour council voted to press ahead with the planned £30 green bin charge at Wednesday’s Borough Council meeting, Our West Lancashire owllogo councillor, Adrian Owens said “Labour have shown their utter contempt for local residents. They cynically withdrew the proposal when they had to face the election in May and then brought it back immediately afterwards. Meanwhile opposition to the green bin charge has grown to a huge 83%.

“Politicians are meant to serve the public. There were alternative options available, but Labour chose to ignore the overwhelming thumbs down the public gave this idea. This change will impact greatest on the elderly and disabled who are less likely to be able to drive to the council tip and as it’s a flat fee, it takes no account of ability to pay pooroldy.

“Our West Lancashire raised a large petition from residents in every ward of the Borough against this ill-conceived charge and we will continue to point out its unintended consequences and shortcomings. Labour will regret their decision to ignore voters in this way.”

Strangely enough for a Labour council it seems yet again they have retained the pernicious secret, free for private homeowners, without means testing, conservation area enhancement grants of up to £2,000 to replace windows and doors, restore and or repair replace sliding sash windows, railings, chimneys, decorative outside features, paving, and another £1,000 for planning trees, orchards, or hedgerows. Ask who got a grant, at what address, they’ll tell you, not in so many words, to bugger off! Ask on behalf of any pensioner who is paying council tax why their tax should go to such home owners while they now face a £30 green bin tax? Not likely!


  1. Absolutely DISGUSTING.

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