Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 25, 2016

Have Your Say

…in Council’s Private Sector Housing Strategy consultation.

Residents are being given the chance to comment on the Council’s draft Private Sector Housing Strategy 2017-2020. While the Council has its own social housing stock of more than 6,000 homes, it also has a private housing strategy which sets out a vision and an action plan to enable residents to live in decent homes which are in good repair and are safe, secure and warm.

The Council arranged for a stock condition assessment of all privately owned and privately rented homes in the Borough to be carried out. The report was published in April 2016 and its findings have been used to create the new draft strategy which will replace the council’s existing strategy. The Council wants residents, private landlords and other stakeholders to give their views as part of the development of the new strategy and is doing a public consultation exercise to get people’s opinions. Closing date for comments is 18 November 2016.

Councillor Kevin Wright kevcouncil whose portfolio includes responsibility for the strategy, said “Please take part in the consultation as this strategy is very important to the Council and we want to ensure it reflects the requirements of local people”.

Key objectives in the draft strategy include:Continue to raise the quality of existing private sector housing: Make the best use of existing housing stock: Achieve the right supply of new homes including maximising affordable housing: Encourage investment to meet specialist housing requirements. Some Regenda Homes in Burscough seen here regendahomes

The strategy reflects the Council’s corporate priorities in the Council Plan which are being ambitious for the economy, environment and for local people’s health and wellbeing.

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