Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 24, 2016

Westleconomics Latest

The well known local economic guru Cllr David Wally Westley has poured scorn on the budget cuts  at the Labour run Borough Council. And he’s taking a highly critical stance of moves approved at last week’s Council Meeting. This morning, the Tory opposition have claimed the measures are poorly thought out, represent unnecessary cuts in important frontline services, and the new charges mean residents will be paying more for less. Well, that’s Tory Government austerity for you.

Strangely enough, while this has been published, the selection and installation of the poop scoop doggy bag dogbags throwing Tory Cllr Paul Moon as a double hatter borough councillor has gone ignored. Also ignored is the appalling record of the Westley budget that cut an entire front line service for the most vulnerable socially excluded elderly and disabled residents of West Lancashire by removing the travel concession, replacing it with bus passes, and watching while rural bus services disappeared. That’s westleconomics for you.

He refers to new £30 pa charge for Green Waste Collection. Has he asked Cllr Moon to do the Hokey Cokey again inout, depending on which Council, Wyre or WLBC, he’s living in on a given day?

Wally, writing on the party website I regularly correct for its errors of fact, says “This is the same old Labour Party that can never do anything but slash frontline services and charge more. I appreciate that Labour are distracted by their internal party squabbling over Corbyn’s leadership but it is inexcusable that they have failed to come up with any ideas or initiatives to improve the efficiency of the Council”. Not to mention the internal local Tory party LCC candidature squabble fight between Wally himself and Cllr Greenall. But more surprising is the appalling selection of Wyre Cllr Moon. Where else next for Wally to find candidates? Sefton, Liverpool, Wigan?

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