Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 23, 2016

Poop Scoop Bag And Underpants!

In January 2011 the Garstang Courier garcourier reported that a prominent Wyre councillor, Paul Moon, quit Wyre Council’s ruling cabinet after throwing a dog ‘poop scoop’ bag at a member of the public, following a council chamber debate on dog control orders. The bag which was being used a ‘visual prop’ during the debate, and contained bread shapes to resemble canine faeces hit dog-lover Mrs Irene Horner, a pensioner, who had taken part in a question and answer session along with other dog owners concerned about the impact of the orders.

The poop scoop bag incident was witnessed by several councillors and some of the 45 members of the public, mainly dog owners, who attended last Monday’s meeting of Wyre cabinet. Mrs Horner had moved to the microphone to thank councillors for listening to the dog lovers’ views when she was struck on the chest by the bag, thrown by Conservative Cllr Paul Moon, who represents Preesall and Knott End.

A shocked Mrs Horner said the public had been annoyed earlier in the meeting, when Moon and other councillors had been playing ‘catch’ with the poop scoop bag. Talking exclusively to The Courier she said “This is disgraceful behaviour from a cabinet councillor, which only serves to bring the council into disrepute. Can you imagine the outrage if someone in the public gallery had thrown something at a councillor?” When news of the incident became public the following day, a council statement was issued, saying “A ‘poop and scoop’ bag was used as a visual aid to highlight the problem and the impact which irresponsible dog fouling has across the borough.”

But as details of the incident spread among councillors, parish councillors, the wider public and press, Cllr Moon decided to step down from his £8,000 a year post as cabinet member with responsibility for ‘Street Scene’ matters. Moon commented “Unfortunately the use of the visual aid backfired quite horrendously, completely innocently, and it caused acute embarrassment to fellow councillors and it offended members of the public. I apologised to the members of the public, and to try and alleviate the problem I resigned from the role of street scene portfolio holder. I cannot say or give any more apology or any further explanation”.

Council leader Coun Peter Gibson said Moon “had been quick to take personal responsibility for his actions as he recognises that this was an error of judgement on his part.”

It is not the first time Cllr Moon’s activities in the council chamber have raised eyebrows. Two years ago, he put a pair of underpants on his head during a mayoral meeting, prompting quizzical looks and leading one Tory colleague to describe his actions as “out of the school of Michael Bentine mikebent, and not appropriate in a council chamber”. Moon, a former chairman of the council’s planning committee, became a cabinet member last year. He will continue in his role as a Wyre councillor for Preesall and Knott End, and as town councillor for Preesall South ward. After details of Moon’s resignation appeared on Wyre’s website, and after receiving a written apology, Mrs Horner said she had withdrawn her complaint. Roll on the pantomime season in the WLBC Chamber!


  1. Um…a seach of the internet is the first port of call for a selection committee these days. Did local Tories not think to do so?

    • I doubt they did, but what has the current Tory leadership got to think with? Their idea of selection is nepotism and cronyism, plus a large smattering of disdain for hard working local residents.

  2. What kind of gobbo has Hesketh Bank been lumbered with this time? As if Forshaw wasn’t bad enough.

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