Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 22, 2016

Meet The Councillor Elected To Two Seats, on Two Councils, With Three Homes, And Two Allowances

Conservative Councillor Paul Moon has seats on two councils, represents one party, and has three declared homes. He has been an elected member for the Wyre Council Preesall ward wyre1-001 [click all pics to enlarge] for about 13 years and for the West Lancashire Council Hesketh with Becconsall ward since May 2016 west1-001. He declares his Wyre Council home to be at 42 Grasmere Road, Knott End, FY60DW OR at 314 Park Lane, Preesall wyre3-001. But for the West Lancashire seat he declares his home to be Titmouse Cottage, 3 The Brow, Hesketh Bank west2-001.

So how did this all come about? What was behind it? Wally has been so desperate for candidates we’ve seen people parachuted in to Aughton from his own home and from Parbold, but for one to be parachuted in from another borough must be unique? Poor Eddy McCarthy, not good enough for a safe seat, always the bridesmaid and now to an outsider, already a councillor. That’s cruel.

Moon has received an annual allowance of £4,219.16 from Wyre and will receive an annual allowance of £4,842 from West Lancashire. The clear eligibility condition for a borough councillor is that “Only registered voters of the borough or those living or working there are eligible to hold the office of councillor”.

So for how many days does a councillor have to live in the borough? The West Lancashire public attendance record for Moon states he was expected at 5 meetings and attended 3 meetings, only 60% attendance. Perhaps he was sitting at Wyre, but surely that 60% attendance does not qualify for 100% of allowances?

So, crucial question, where is he a registered voter? If an elector is registered to vote in two different electoral areas, they are eligible to vote in local elections for the two different local councils. But he can’t vote in TWO elections for an MP, doing this could result in a fine of up to £5,000. He’d likely not waste his Tory vote in West Lancashire but the Wyre and Preston North MP is Conservative. What a tangled web!

But in his case how can it be fair to council tax payers that they should pay full allowances for what in effect is part time representation? And shouldn’t the form of disclosure of pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests be showing membership of another council as declarable? Of course it should!


  1. One way or another, this is blatantly dishonest to voters. If he’s moved to West Lancashire, he should resign at Wyre. Their next local elections are not until 2019 or vice versa. I will forward the link to this piece to the Chief Executive and Conservative and Labour group leaders in Wyre.

    • It’s a case of what can’t speak can’t lie…the documentation I found is for public consumption. I didn’t find any vacancy, ie him resigning, for Preesall…the Wyre council page is dated today. I agree with you, but politics in West Lancashire is risible.

    • Incidentally, all councils in Lancashire apart from Wyre have voted in favour of the combined authority, and proposals are due to be submitted next spring. What will Moon’s position be then, apart from farcical?

  2. […] I am writing to you for an explanation of the fact – revealed by this blog post (link below) on the site West Lancashire Record run by an Aughton resident – that you are a councillor on both Wyre Borough and West Lancashire Borough councils.… […]

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