Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 20, 2016

Revolting Students?

I see that some students of Edgehill University are revolting, so much so that they now have a facebook on the subject of the Edgehill Parking Situation. They have a petition “To lobby WLBC and LCC, to adapt the light sequence on St. Helens road, and support the University with their continuous efforts to improve and address car parking, with an effective solution”.

You might wonder, as did Ste Thomas “This may be a stupid question but how exactly does ‘the light sequence’ affect parking and how does LCC and WLBC adapting it help the parking situation?”. The answer from Leona Jayne Forde seems to be that “Changing the light sequence could potential help congestion especially on the side of the road that turns right into the main car park, because currently very few cars get through those lights and the build up of traffic behind is huge! So long as people are being parked efficiently, it has the potential to speed up the process. The aim is mainly so that more people get through those lights to free up the road for people travelling directly into Ormskirk”. And she also states “The only thing the students union can do is provide little quick fixes because the council and local residents won’t let the university or anyone else for that matter do anything else”.

Thomas retorts “The student union is going in the right direction by appealing to the authorities to make changes but adapting traffic light sequences is aiming too low. Why not have a petition to have the issue addressed by councillors? Have the council issued any sort of statement on their stance on the issue? Is there any evidence that the council have tried to ease the situation? And if not then maybe try to get them to answer why not. Small steps are fine but as the student union you should be thinking bigger and not just making token gestures to make it appear that you are acting

At which stage enter Cllr Adrian Owens adrianow “Leona Jayne Forde It’s not correct to say the council won’t allow the University to do things. A Park and Ride would get strong support but the University refuse to entertain it. I can’t help agreeing with Ste Thomas on this”. And he is clear in stating “I am a local councillor for the area including the University. I can be emailed on Several of you have raised the issue of the appalling road congestion on roads leading into the University. More car parking in isolation will simply lead to more congestion on the roads in.

“Some ideas:
a) the University could do more to phase classes and lectures to even out peaks and troughs
b) Park and Ride definitely has a place. Around 50% of traffic to EHU passes Junction 3 of the M58 – a Park and Ride there would be beneficial and match other universities such as Hertfordshire who do similar – lobby the University on this
c) I like Amanda Ralphs idea of coaches – it would need careful thought and not suit everyone but with IT these days matching people up shouldn’t be so hard
d) Do take up Alexander James’s suggestion re: car sharing – the guaranteed spaces are close to the main education buildings too. Finally, on a slightly more positive note, the situation will get better in a few weeks when those on Education degrees/PGCEs are out on placement”.

One student seems to have fallen foul of the parking jobsworths. She writes “Last Tuesday I was threatened by the security. When I said I would wait for a space to become available because I had no money to pay for parking. They threatened to call the police even though there where others parked around the roundabout waiting for a space. I then had to drive to my 70yr old grandmothers house near Ormskirk and ask her to drop me off and pick me up. Then as I returned later the same day I parked with ease due to the lack of car park security, only to see this. As pictured here blockingcar this car had been there a week, blocking 2 spaces. On the Wednesday when I saw it was still there I questioned the security about it and they said “it’s been abandoned there’s nothing we can do” to which I replied “why don’t you call the police like you threatened me and they can come and toe [sic] it away. I miss my lectures because I can’t get a parking space and there’s 2 being blocked” obviously shocked to the fact that I questioned him he didn’t say anything else. The car has since been removed and I haven’t had much trouble parking this week. Since Lancashire council won’t approve a multi-storey car park, which I agree would be an eyesore like the rest of the university’s new buildings. I suggested an underground parking facility, just one more level of parking”.

Poor lamb, having to rely on her 70yr old granny as a chauffeur! I wonder if she has ever thought what her legs are for? Oh, they could be for walking to the bus station to catch the FREE bus to the University! edgelink2

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