Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 17, 2016

Free Tree Scheme 2016

To coincide with the Tree Council’s ‘National Tree Week’, West Lancashire Borough Council is once again offering a free tree to residents of the borough. This year, residents can choose from two different types of fruit tree: Plum (Victoria) plum4_m or Apple (Bramley’s Seedling) bramley.

Please note that trees are only available to residents of West Lancashire Borough, and in the event of the scheme being oversubscribed, the Council reserves the right to close the scheme to further applications. If any friends or family members who do not have access to the internet would like to apply for a free tree, they can do so by contacting Roland Jones on the telephone number below.

In order to commemorate 100 years since the Battle of the Somme, we are also providing residents of West Lancashire with a free packet of ‘Flanders’ red poppy seeds to sow in their gardens in the spring of next year.

Applications to the free tree scheme must be made between Monday 17 October 2016 and Friday 28 October 2016. You can complete the free tree online form (which is only available between Monday 17 October and Friday 28 October), or contact Roland Jones, Tree and Landscape Officer, on 01695 585168, or via email at between those two dates.

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