Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 16, 2016

West Lancashire Borough Council Senior Officer Salary Scandal

 In a staggering disclosure it can be revealed that the salaries of newcomers to the vacant posts of Director of Housing and Inclusion Services and the Director of Street Scene Services will rise by between £7,000 and £8,000 from present levels while council services to the public are being cut and jobs lost. Remember the proposals that will lose jobs in CCTV, street cleaning, and a fair few in refuse due to the planned green bin charge?

What is clear from the advertised vacancies found in the Municipal Journal isjournal-001 [click to enlarge] the amount of bullshit that describes the two posts. If the incumbent officers were required to to perform their jobs as described why were they not on these salaries? This smacks of an opportunist heist by senior officers with the compliance of the political leaders to divert large sums of of public taxes from services to senior officer personal gain.

It isn’t just the salaries, of course. The details of senior salaries show the usual perks of benefits in kind and pension contributions, adding at least a further £14,000 annually to each post. salaries-001 [click to enlarge]

The costs for the retirement of the last Managing Director reached £386,116 by the addition of £199,945 into her pension pot and “£99,575 for compensation for loss of office” which wasn’t so much lost as surrendered!

When the Borough Council meets on Wednesday and discusses IN SECRET the item “16. SENIOR MANAGEMENT – INTERIM ARRANGEMENTS “To consider the report of the Chief Executive” we will all eventually find a compliant vote of acceptance that tax payers shall be ripped off by these few public beneficiaries has been passed. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose?


  1. Talk about a license to print money!! I see the Borough Solicitor gets it stuck up him-maybe his face doesn’t fit?

    • Yes, and the Borough Treasurer too, lowest paid of the highest grades!

  2. Disgusting, what with binmens’ jobs on the line. Socialism rules eh? Must re-read Animal Farm.

    • Always worth a read. I must do a count of all the jobs lost, party by party, over the past ten years or so and assess them against the salaries of the posh management.

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