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Cockbeck To Become Aughton Co-op On 14 November

Notwithstanding a negative Cockbeck Pub Highways Report the formal approval for a change of use will be on 14th November 2016. From LCC Highways for the attention of Mrs C Wilkinson. Your ref: 2016/0668/FUL. 30 September 2016

Proposal: Change of use from Use Class A4 to Use Class A1 with part demolition, extension, external alterations and works to car park area.
Location: The Cockbeck Tavern, 58 Town Green Lane, Aughton. cockbeck

Grid Ref: SD 340109 405588
With regard to your letter dated the 23rd June 2016. I apologise for the delay in responding. I have made the following comments based on all information provided by the applicant to date. The public house is located on Town Green Lane at its junction with Granville Park with access to the existing car park off Granville Park. Town Green Lane changes to Bold Lane approx. 40m to the west of the site at its junction with Winifred Lane.

Town Green Lane, Bold Lane and Winifred Lane are all classified roads which have been categorised as secondary distributor roads with a speed limit of 30mph. Granville Park is an unclassified road which has been categorised as a local access road with a speed limit of 20mph. The existing car park access is off Granville Park.

The Lancashire County Council five year data base for injury related vehicular accidents was checked on 27/09/16. There has been one reported incident within 100m of the proposed site access. Upon checking the details of the incident it has been recorded as slight and involved a vehicle pulling out in front of a vehicle travelling along Town Green Lane. The incident took place at round midnight on 25/06/16.

The applicant has stated that the car parking spaces are to be reduced from 39 to 22 spaces (including 2 disabled spaces) however the plans submitted show 21 car parking spaces. The Joint Lancashire Structure Plan and Appendix F from West Lancashire Borough Council Local Plan Publication recommends one parking space per 15sqm of A1. The proposed gross floor area is 357.8sqm (357.8 / 15 = 23.8) therefore 24 car parking spaces are required for the size of development proposed.

To prevent onstreet parking taking place in nearby residential roads I would request that the minimum number of 24 spaces be provided. The minimum dimension for a parking bay to be 2.4m wide by 4.8m long as recommended in Manual for Streets 8.3.50 (page 111). I have concern regarding the proposed ramp access to the front and side of the property.

The proposed site layout plan (Dwg 5620(P)503) indicates the location of the ramp however this would appear to be outside the red line of the property and partly in the adopted highway/footway. Clarification of land ownership and accurate plans will be required.

Due to the above reasons the Highway Development Controls Section cannot support this application in its present form however, if the applicant were to satisfactorily address my concerns the Highways Development Controls Section would be willing to review the proposals.

Yours sincerely,
Stephanie Berkley LCC Highways

From WLBC Planning to applicant agent. “Thank you for the revised plans. I’m hoping to get this to November’s Planning Committee meeting which is the 10th November 2016 and on the basis of the revised plans I’m hoping to write a favourable recommendation. Could we therefore agree a further extension of time for determination of the application until 14th November 2016?

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