Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 15, 2016

Reaction To Social Impacts Of Fracking

Regulators of fracking have organised 19 meetings to explain their role to people living in shale gas areas. The sessions, between now and March 2017, are planned for north west England, the East Midlands and Yorkshire. They are hosted by the Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive, Oil and Gas Authority, and Public Health England.

The organisers have described the sessions as informal drop-in events at which people can talk to staff from the organisations about who does what. On 12 October 2016 2pm-7pm, at Christ Church Aughton, Long Lane, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 5AS. Nearby licence areas: PEDL262 and 164 (Aurora), and 165 (Cuadrilla).

Drill Or is a publisher of independent, evidence-based journalism about the onshore oil and gas business in the UK and the campaign against it. is named after the “drill or drop” clause in a petroleum exploration and development licence. This requires an operator to drill a well within a certain length of time or give up the licence area.

They ask “whether the UK should drill-go all out for shale” (and other sources of hydrocarbons) as David Cameron believes. Or should we drop the idea because it carries too great a risk to climate change, environmental damage, human rights and an industrialised countryside, as many campaigners believe”.

Aughton, Halsall, and Haskayne are in PEDL164 pedl164. Tesla Exploration carried out seismic testing for Aurora Energy Resources during July and August 2016. There have been local protests and complaints about the tests. On 1 July 2016, the OGA announced a two-year extension to the initial term of PEDL164.

Tesla tesla-exploration told residents in a leaflet that “Neither the surveying equipment used nor the vibrations produced pose any risk to property, public safety or health”. They laid explosive charges in fields halsallseismic creating low booms, at times every three minutes. In local villages specialist vehicles, called vibroseis trucks, have created vibrations. One Halsall couple contacted the police when they said they felt the walls of their home shake.

When Halsall ward Borough Cllr Mills contacted Lancashire County Council about residents’ concerns she asked Jonathan Haine jonathanhainesecondleft second left in this picture, Lancashire’s principal planning officer, to send someone out to the area urgently. Mr Haine replied that he had no reason to believe that the survey was not being carried out within planning law. He said “There will be some vibration arising from the survey as this is an intrinsic and essential part of the process”. But he said there was nothing in planning law to limit the level of vibration, other than a restriction on the size of any charges. He said “I have no reason to think that the charges are greater than the 2kg permitted”. But he said he would mention local concerns to the manager of the operation. How decent of him! Perhaps if HIS walls were shaking he might be more concerned?

DrillOrDrop watched the process near Halsall and at one point, a member of the Tesla team asked them to leave the public road alongside one of the fields because “dangerous equipment was being used”. DrillOrDrop were photographed and it’s car number plate was recorded. Shades of big brother?

As already mentioned in comments on WLR it seems that internet trolls decided to attend the Aughton event and later made scurrilous accusations against Cllr Mills momills who openly campaigns against fracking. The fact of her being there with many concerned residents from Halsall, Haskayne, Downholland, Formby, the Fylde, and other parts of Lancashire, was precisely what the organsiers wanted. Why advertise it otherwise? Cllr Mills and her friends chose not to “demonstrate” outside as has happened at other road shows they’ve done. They chose, as Cllr Mills explained, to demonstrate their knowledge inside against what the “regulators” were telling them. They are the epitome of local democracy.

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