Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 14, 2016

Halsall Parish Council Report

As ever the Halsall Parish Council meeting was friendly and civilised. The Labour councillor for Halsall Maureen Mills maureenm gave a comprehensive report on her work for constituents and the ward. She stressed the concern held by anti-frackers at the news that the Secretary of State has approved fracking at Preston New Road in Lancashire. It has to be said that it came as no surprise to the anti-fracking movement. A decision on a second site at Roseacre Wood was deferred and may still go ahead. With petitions, marches and legal appeals almost exhausted, we can expect to see an escalation in direct action tactics to stop the shale gas industry in its tracks.

Haskayne is in the seismic surveying area  of PEDL 164 pedl164 by Ineos. Imagine the state of the area if and when Ineos start shale drilling and then the flood plain floods. But the Environment Agency is confident its regulations will cope! When the subject arose at the Aughton Parish council on Monday it was shrugged aside by the Chairman.

Plans were approved for Remembrance Sunday in the village. Other discussions included the sorry state of public transport that is responsible for social exclusion while £billions were to be spent on a high speed rail system that all taxpayers will fund just for a few business people to reach their destinations about 10 minutes earlier than they do now. And what’s more, the new trains still won’t be as fast as the Flying Scotsman flyingscot was in its operating days when it reached 125 miles per hour!

A decision was accepted to keep the old red telephone box in the village halsallredbox. It might be used as a “book exchange” centre.


  1. No report on the excellent Regulators’ drop-in session in Aughton? This event on Wednesday was well attended and the Environment Agency, Oil & Gas Authority, HSE and Lancashire County Council representatives went to great efforts to inform residents about all aspects of the regulatory regime for onshore oil and gas. It was a pity that Cllr Mills only managed to park her huge gas-guzzling vehicle inconsiderately, thereby inconveniencing older and less able-bodied residents.

    • It’s nice to have your comments. I’m afraid WLR doesn’t cover each and every event so apologies for my lack of reporting on that session. As for Cllr Mills, I saw her leaving the Halsall Memorial Hall on Wednesday evening driving a smart electric car. Perhaps she will provide me with an explanation of why she also drives a gas guzzler and parks it inconsiderately? That’s if she feels the need to?

    • Maureen Mills states “It’s a pity that Mob Grazer hides behind ‎a pen-name. If he or she would like to have a public debate on the subject of fracking, I would be more than happy to do so. Just for the record I didn’t drive to Christ Church on Wednesday, nor was the car I travelled in a “gas guzzler”, nor was it parked so as to inconvenience anyone. I’m wondering if Mob Grazer was badly informed or whether it is a case of mistaken identity? Either way, a personal attack does not serve any useful purpose. Would it not be better to air any personal grievance he or she has with me in a public forum”?

  2. I also saw the gas guzzler with a large Frack Free Lancashire sign in the front window.

    • Thanks Verity, that’s helpful. We now have two people who saw a gas guzzler at Christ Church on Wednesday. Did you by chance notice if Cllr Mills parked that car, as Mob Grazer claimed, because Cllr Mills states she did not drive a car to Christ Church on Wednesday. Perhaps you and Mob Grazer could get your story together before commenting again? And as you are both concerned with gas guzzlers and Cllr Mills could you also identify yourselves just to give some credence to your interest in both subjects?

  3. Looks like the trolls have descended on WLR with spurious accusations. I’d be surprised if we hear from them again. Besides, they’re probably disgruntled Tories anyway. Isn’t it pleasant to receive such a positive report from Halsall now that the odious Avon woman has had the well deserved and hard-earned boot?

    • Yes, they do appear and I suppose it or they might appear again with their multiple identities, all of which I can trace because I receive their IRLs as they post…useful!

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