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Aughton Residents – Housing Developments – The True Picture

 Long Lane resident Colin Atkinson wrote to the Champion because of the continuing correspondence about the Prescot Road/Parrs Lane/Long Lane planned development.

“I can empathise with George Clarendon of Burscough and the unnamed Aughton resident whose letters appeared in last week’s edition and must respond on behalf of Aughton Residents Group (2012) in order to correct a number of issues and clarify our Group’s current position.

“ARG was formed in 2012 in order to oppose the high grade, productive agricultural land at Parrs Lane being removed from the greenbelt. We were unsuccessful and the land was removed, included in the adopted WLBC Local Plan and supposedly ‘safeguarded’ until 2027. Our Group supported Burscough Action Group’s (BAG) campaign wherever possible, with both Groups addressing the same meetings on a number of occasions.

“The housing figures quoted by Mr Clarendon are somewhat ‘skewed’. At this current time there are 2 Major Housing Developers’ Appeals in progress in relation to the land at Prescot Road – Parrs Lane and it is their joint intention to build in excess 0f 400 homes not 150 as quoted. From my knowledge I understand that the Burscough Yew Tree Farm development involves many more than 100 homes as quoted [now corrected].

wain redrowmorg
“The Developers who lodged the applications followed by Appeals to build on the Prescot Road – Parrs Lane Land did so knowing that they were outside the policies of the recently adopted WLBC Local Plan which covers the period 2012-2027 and had been through a full democratic process.

“The on-going investment in and development of Skelmersdale is surely a plus point in order for it to continue being the ‘self – sustaining’ town as originally intended? WLBC High Court Challenge – If WLBC didn’t challenge the Planning Inspector’s recent decision (on a legal point concerning proposed number of housing completions and 5 year land supply) to allow building on Prescot Road/Parrs Lane then they would be seen to be failing in their duties by allowing Developers to orchestrate and control planning Applications even when they are lodged in contravention of the Local Plan, the views of the Local MP rosieparrsvisit, Ward Councillors, Aughton Parish Council and perhaps most importantly the large majority of the Local Community and in the spirit of the much mentioned LOCALISM.

“Please don’t dismiss us for trying to protect and preserve the community in which we live and in which we have invested years of hard work and effort”.
Colin Atkinson
Chairman – Aughton Residents Group
ARG (2012)


  1. Good letter, but I thought Parr’s Lane was designated as a “Plan B” Site, and not “Safeguarded” site, such as the Meadowbrook part of Yew Tree Farm, which is currently facing a rogue planning application, despite being defined by WLBC as “Safeguarded” until post 2027.

    • I’ll have to dig out the circumstances but good old Wally told us it was safeguarded, all in the nature of helping developers of course.

      • Old wally has been saying all manner of things, not least of which that Aughton Residents Group supporters had been telling lies on the door. Now that the dust has settled and the litigation begun, it appears easy to see whom has been talking a load of old guff.

      • Yes, the old bluster and bullshit merchant. Lies told door to door. Use of libel. And all this from someone whose only memorable achievement has been to lead his party into oblivion. What a record of public service!

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