Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 13, 2016

The Aughton Moaners And Their Rights

“The moaners don’t have an exclusive right to live here” declares Mrs J Williams of Aughton to the Champion. She “read with interest the ongoing articles in your paper and letters page about proposed building of new homes in our district. Why is it that so many residents are social phobics?”

Are you a social phobic resident of Aughton whose anxiety disorder is so excessive that you have an unreasonable fear of the social situation caused by the forthcoming 400 new homes on Prescot Road/Parrs Lane/Long Lane? Do you shudder with the advent of circa 1,600 new residents and their 800 cars that Mrs Williams believes we need to pay their council tax to support our local services and infrastructure? Do you believe Wainhomes and Redrow have that certain social responsibility to provide the mix of new and affordable homes Mrs Williams expects ahead of the expectations of their shareholders for even bigger dividends? In “desirable” Aughton, as developers describe it so as to increase their house prices accordingly?

To be sure, Mrs Williams has a point to make about the land in question. The derelict Yew Tree Farm site, the spoiling of someone’s view across Parrs Lane. Except that the land the 1,000 Burscough homes will be built on is agricultural land for growing food on, as is the Parrs Lane site parrscrops2405. When Mrs Williams last looked at the wheat and the vegetables growing on Parrs Lane land, what was derelict about it?

Mrs Williams offers a cure for our social phobia. We should shut up and if we don’t like to live around other people then we should simply move away and allow more socially acceptable people to move into our homes. But perhaps the boot should be on the other foot? Perhaps the people she wants to welcome to our wonderful area want to come to the countryside because of all its seasonal glory? Just looking out through the mists of a beautiful autumn morning as the leaves change colour, and the coming of the winter frosts and snow that creates the conditions for the spring plantings on our agricultural land? And then the spring growth and summer harvests, on land that contains wildlife that, believe it or not Mrs Williams, we also want to see inhabiting our countryside.

We who openly campaign for the retention of our agricultural heritage so that locally grown produce parrslanecarrots appears in Aldi et al don’t want to stop development, we just want that development to be where it ought to be, on the likes of 30A Scarth Hill Lane. As for the myth that council tax supports our local services and infrastructure perhaps Mrs Williams can explain why we regularly have floods off Parrs Lane onto Prescot Road down Town Green Lane into peoples’ homes, all before we have another 400 homes to add to it?

I have to leave it there for now, I must pop off to see my psychiatrist about my social phobia.

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