Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 12, 2016

Not So Active?

The Summer 2016 version of the West Lancashire Conservative wltory Association Activist Newsletter is a sorry document, which comes as no surprise given its abysmal Political Leadership.

On the Local Elections 2016 it states “Here is a breakdown of the results. Sadly we didn’t gain seats in Burscough East , Burscough West, Upholland, Derby, Scott, or Knowsley. We lost in Halsall. We did win in Aughton & Downholland, Rufford and Wrightington. A big thank-you to everyone who helped. On the PCC election it reported failure. And for its officer elections the following roles were elected-Chairman Bill Weingart billw, Deputy Chairman for Membership Edward McCarthy, Deputy Political Chairman Rob Bailey, President Cllr Ruth Melling, and Treasurer George Pratt.

The Chairman’s report states “I can’t really concentrate on anything other than the Euro Referendum later this month. The recent local election results pale into insignificance compared with the Brexit question, an issue the effects of which will impact unto our children’s children. Thank you to all who helped with our spring campaign – let’s take some well-deserved time off to enjoy the best time of the year, and to recharge our batteries for the on-going struggle to redeem our country’s future”. Not to worry Bill, Theresa May is looking good to redeem what the majority who voted for Brexit want!

The Chairman also states “We still have numbers available for our 200 Club , please contact Bill Weingart if you want to get one. The 200 Club consists of approximately 200 individuals who, for a small subscription take part in a monthly draw throughout the year with cash prizes of up to £200. This is an easy way of supporting the Conservative Party in West Lancashire and having the chance of winning a cash prize in return”. Rumours abound this club will shortly be named the 10 Club as 200 is a ridiculous number given the on-going Political Leadership into oblivion of the once thriving party.

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