Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 10, 2016

No Need To Frack In Lancashire?

Last July Cllr Adrian Owens adowensatdesk wrote “I don’t envy the county councillors who have to decide on the remaining Fracking Application in Preston today. They must decide the application on planning matters, and I haven’t studied the applications in sufficient detail to know my view of the planning arguments.

“However, in reality the decision is being viewed through the prism of the wider arguments for and against fracking. On that I am clear. I see no need to frack in Lancashire now or so far into the future as I can foresee.

“Oil and gas supply is healthy and that is reflected in much lower prices than several years ago. We are not reliant on Russian gas and the American shale revolution (and there are some clear environmental negatives there) has changed the dynamic considerably.

“It may well be that we do not need to frack not just in our lifetimes but those of our children too, as the cheaper more plentiful worldwide gas and oil landscape gives time for greater energy efficiency; better renewable technologies like marine and tidal energy and our new generation nuclear to come on stream.

“So we should say no to fracking on policy grounds. That of course doesn’t help the councillors who today have to decide whether to permit the application on planning grounds as their officer advise or land each one of us a bill for a legal battle over planning matters which is a proxy for the wider policy issues in which the Government has clearly thrown its weight behind fracking”.

Well, now we WILL have fracking in Lancashire, Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has inflicted it upon us. Horizontal fracking is apparently more efficient in how much gas is yielded. How long then before PEDL 164 pedl164 is producing shale gas?

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