Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 10, 2016

Aughton Parish Council

Chairman of the APC Ian Grant reported the recent sad death of a former Parish and Borough Councillor Ray Wardle. Aged 86, Mr Wardle died peacefully at Asmall Hall Care Home with his family around him. The APC and public stood in silence to remember him.

The Chairman gave thanks to Peter Cullington and David Willman for their recent contributions as members of the APC aught1010. Matters from the public included the drugs problems we face, the speeding problems relating to Long Lane, and whether or not the recent Lancashire shale development permission might affect Aughton.

Parking problems near the Aughton Park Station attracted many comments. The problem is increasing, discussions included pavement parking, the use of speed bumps and the regular speeding of farm tractors pulling up to 8 tonnes or so.

It was reported that Aughton now has an extra PCSO. 8 crimes in the past month included domestic violence, burglary, public order, criminal damage to cars, theft of tools from a van, and damage to a Bargain Booze sign. Also some discussions about dogs being nuisances on public fields.

On a very positive note the defibrillator at the Village Hall aughtondefib was used to treat a local resident while he was distressed with a heart attack. This saved his life and it is reported he is recovering in hospital.

The matter of the Parrs Lane/Prescot Road Wainhomes Planning Decision and Appeal received an airing, with suggestions being made that the delay now may be linked to the Redrow Appeal, taking the two together. Chairman Grant commended the Borough council on its decision to appeal. Parish Councillor Graham Jones was outspoken about the so called “localism” position being “crazy”. He had attended the Conservative Conference and spoken to the Housing Minister about the case. The Minister knew of the Parrs Lane case. In Parish Councillor Jones’ view the housing policy is stupid and should be repealed. As far as he is concerned localism means localism.  Shame it didn’t mean that when the Local Plan came into being!


  1. Good old Panto Jones may say what he likes, now the damage has been done, and largely thanks to his beloved Tory Party and their minions.

    I wonder if he still harbours his pathetic views on Belgium being backwards, despite Belgium topping THIS country in increasingly more and more lists?

    Saddle up, Jones. Your season is coming, so don’t forget the back end of that suit.

    • I had to smile at his tone last night, indignant, outraged, passionate…all because he realised what his own party has done to housing and localism…for developers, of course!

  2. Although I wasn’t there, his behaviour sounds to me to be rather shameless indeed. There’s nothing quite like a politician to know the value of a well-delivered soundbite.

    • All the more so from a lawyer/politician who knows precisely what the impact will be?

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