Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 9, 2016

Curry And Cake With Serco

Opinions about the Serco Golf Day at Beacon Park Golf Course are best described as muted. As we all know, Serco sercoflag is a £multi-billion company that describes itself as “Bringing service to life”. It “combines commercial know-how with a deep public service ethos!”

And Rupert Soames, Serco Group Chief Executive, said recently “Performance for the first half of the year has been better than we expected…whilst we expect to see potholes on the way, we are making good progress on the implementation of our strategy”. He should come to Beacon Park to look at the Golf Course landfill strategy that consists not so much as a pothole but mountains of demolition rubble and concrete that is being described as a 9hole course and a foot golf facility!

The Golf Day competition itself was nothing to shout about. The Beacon Park Captain Tommy Jackson  led a team that played well. The system was for the best two out of four scored on each hole. After 18 holes their score was 87 points which was a good total as expected from 4 members of the Beacon. But it seems that, thinking they must win it with that score, was not to be as a team from Serco Birmingham Community Leisure Trust who had never played the Beacon came in with a fantastic score of 94 points and also the longest drive.

The meal was curry, rice and chips, with cake and cream to follow. Cheap and cheerful? The prize for runners up was a little trophy each and three golf balls! The winners received the Serco cup sercocup and a larger trophy each and some wine. Only one member of the winning team stayed for the presentation, and could that be through embarrassment? The Beacon Park members were told before the competition that the cup was only ever won by Serco staff! The other prizes included “nearest the pin” on the 15th won by Danny Collins from the Captain’s team that included Mal Hayman, Danny Collins and Mick Collins. Danny’s prize was a little trophy and a bottle of wine! The group that finished 3rd were from the Beacon Golf Club Scott, Billy, Phil and Roy. You might conclude Serco really went overboard with the prizes for a £multi billion company!

The condition of the course was immaculate. The rough mower had apparently been repaired after six months, all the greens had been fertilised, and it was the best it has been for a least 12 months. It seems money was made available, so it would be nice if Serco teams could play here every week and this course would be among the best around. Even the public and other members commented how good it was and they could find their ball if it went into the rough!

Bearing in mind it cost £25 each player to enter, 30 players paid a total of £750 to Serco. Outlay? Minimal, helps the balance sheet! You might wonder if the next Serco cup event will be a game of foot golf on the Beacon Park Himalayas course which might be ready by then?

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