Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 8, 2016

Wally Or Paul?

A “Conservative-minded friend” sent me this extract, below, from a current Conservative document on membership and candidate selection. It seems appropriate to publish it with the confusion swirling around the Tory candidate selection for West Lancashire East in May 2017. Seems to have been produced by someone named Feldman…martyfeld

“Some Members seemed unaware that there are now mandatory forms for council candidates to complete but there were calls from those who were aware for more prescriptive demands in terms of guaranteed campaigning and promotional activity e.g. street stalls.

There were many calls for the “double or treble hatting” of councillor positions to be prohibited. It was said that this practice stifles new recruitment and causes tensions in some Associations. greenwest This was not a unanimous view, with a minority claiming that it did not create problems. The decision on whether to allow this is not dependent on the Constitution, and Associations are already at liberty to create a rule to this effect should they wish to do so, either in the form of a rule within the nonmandatory rules of Schedule 7 or a decision by the Executive Council at any given time.

“There is general support for the rules on the selection of local government candidates that have now been in existence since 2011 though there is a small minority view that feels that it should be entirely a matter for local decision and a rather larger opinion that would like the rules to be more prescriptive. It is an area that involves more activists than almost any other aspect of an Association’s activities and therefore attracts a lot of contributions.

“In most small Associations the appeal through the Association Chairman and the Executive is often inappropriate as they are largely the same people who took the original decision. Although the right of appeal is only allowed on the basis of the process rather than the decision there are too many spurious appeals. There should be a review of the complaint by the Area Management Executive (excluding any Members of the Party in the relevant local authority area) and the AME should have final say with no further route of appeal.

“Selection of local government candidates: The Association should maintain an approved List of local government candidates and have a selection process in place that is according to the rules supplied by CCHQ. All candidates (including sitting councillors) are required to submit forms for inclusion on the Approved List and a file of these should be maintained.

“Local elections: The Association should routinely contest all vacant seats at elections and by-elections”.


  1. Interesting that you are getting information sent to you. Clealy the two sides are jostling for position. This will feed the paranoia.

    • I do receive information, but this is nothing more than the “rule book” and I prefer to receive real hard facts, like the actual votes cast for each candidate. I expect Greenall to win simply because his printed leaflet is the only real evidence that he was selected, and who will explain if that has to be withdrawn. If there is a successful appeal by Wally after 3 candidate elections what will it say to members who already put Greenall in the driving seat?

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